Here you can watch our products in action!

HAGS Vietnam Orbit

Orbit - A roundabout with extra spin!

HAGS Vietnam Flipper

Jump for joy with HAGS Vietnam Flipper.

EZ Dock

HAGS Vietnam Marine range

EZ Dock Tampa

Son-X Octavia

A new dimension of play!

Agito Aura

Experience the new play of light.

HAGS Vietnam Playfulness

HAGS Vietnam promotes fun, excitement, health and wellbeing.

HAGS Vietnam Toolbox

UniPlay toolbox.

HAGS Vietnam Reddy - A swing seat for two

HAGS Vietnam Reddy is a is a large, nice swing seat where two children can swing together. It is strong and durable and allows us to take yet another step towards a better play environment for our children.

HAGS Vietnam Agito

An innovative play system with flexible play functions that encourage movement and games.

Nexus Viper

Cool giant pendulum swing.


Rotating swing.


A pendulum seat combination.

Zingo Du

Play unit for the smaller kids.

HAGS Vietnam Gym

Gym stations for physical activity and fitness training for most ages. Each station is equipped with several exercise functions making it possible to train various muscle groups.

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